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Crestwood Local Schools has partnered with IXL Learning to provide students with personalized support in math and language arts. IXL Learning is an online program where students can gain fluency and confidence with essential math and language arts skills through fun and interactive questions and built-in support. The implementation of this program is another way that Crestwood Local Schools is committed to meeting the differentiated needs of our students.


IXL Learning engages students in an authentic way, encouraging them to own their learning, embrace new challenges, and build skills and confidence that last.


The program offers personalized skills recommendations based on what each student has been practicing and what they are ready to learn next. With thousands of skills that match what we’re learning, as well as insights into student progress, IXL is a great resource to help your child excel. 


Frequently asked questions about IXL

What is IXL Learning?

The primary focus of IXL Learning is to enrich, extend, and remediate grade-level math and language arts with a fun, hands-on, technology-based experience. IXL Learning is here to help your child grow, with immersive learning, insights into progress, and targeted recommendations for next steps.

How will IXL Learning support my child?

This program is not geared towards students moving ahead or going faster. It is about students learning more and going deeper into their current curriculum. With IXL, students can:

  • Find unlimited practice problems specifically tailored to the standards and build mastery of specific standards and skills.
  • Record the amount of time they spend practicing so that teachers and parents can examine student progress and time spent on each skill.
  • Encounter enrichment activities that are engaging.

How does my child access IXL?

  • Students can use their school issued computer or iPad or a personal device (home computer, smartphone, tablet).

What is the Real-Time Diagnostic?

  • The Real-Time Diagnostic pinpoints students’ levels of understanding in math and language arts, and it can be accessed anytime.

  • Teachers receive up-to-the-minute insights, and students are offered tailored recommendations.

  • After students reveal their levels, answering 10–15 questions a week will keep the Diagnostic up to date!

How can I support my child at home?

IXL’s Real-Time Diagnostic is an easy and effective way to assess your child’s learning. To make the assessment a success, and the recommended practice that will follow, it’s important to get you involved!

How you can help:

  • Set up a quiet space for your child to work. As with any assessment, it’s important for them to have a distraction-free environment.

  • Make sure your child has scratch paper and a pencil handy to work through questions as needed. Only advance high school students who commonly use a calculator in class should use one when working in the diagnostic.

  • Encourage your child to try their best. They will not get every question correct, but the diagnostic will tell us what they know and what they are ready to learn next. If they’re unsure about a question, they can click “I don’t
    know this yet” and move on.

  • Do not assist your child with any questions from the diagnostic. For their scores to be accurate, they must answer every question independently.